I’m an entrepreneurial-minded person with a strong marketing background and a mission to add value to the world.
I started my path in digital marketing when I was 15. I was curious about how to make money on the Internet. I spent a couple of weeks to understand that captcha, polls, and similar things will not make me rich. From there I started my first blog on WordPress, where I wrote about mini computer games (there were up to 2 000 unique visitors per day!). Later I shifted to social networks and started an entertainment community in the Russian social network (VK.com). We collaborated with the founder of Pikabu and created a great community, where I managed all the SMM processes for a couple of years. Then I moved to a media buyer position in a fintech B2C product. I also used there a collaboration of content + marketing in different markets (Asia, LATAM, MENA, CIS). Thanks to that, I became an expert in influencer marketing, content marketing, and paid social. Besides, I created a team of a few game developers and freelance designers, and we develop hyper-casual games. This experience helped me a lot to gain expertise in the mobile market, to learn about ASO, CRO, product management, analytics, and product marketing.

Here I want to tell you about my projects, goals, vision and other things.

👉My projects

Dorfer Games – a hyper-casual game development company, where we create and test games with top publishers such as Voodoo, Lion Studios, and Green Panda Games.

Shake The World – is a podcast about people who make the world better today. We believe that everyone is able to make our world better. I interview great social entrepreneurs all over the world.

Productivity and self-development content 🇷🇺 – I created more than 350 posts in the Russian language based on my experience of productivity, effectiveness, self-development, and financial literacy.

GetResume – Resume Builder. Create A Professional Resume In Minutes.

One day projects⚡️

It’s a project where I create and launch products in less than 24 hours. With these personal hackathons, I test new ideas, develop a habit of prioritizing tasks, and learn new technologies.

  • Track The Day – telegram bot, which helps you to develop an everyday habit of analysing the day. I spent 17 hours (13 hours of productive time). You can read more about the development process here.
  • Simple English. 🇷🇺 A 7-day online marathon about learning English in Russian. It’s mostly about approaches, goals, and motivation, not about grammar rules or life hacks. Monetized with CPA networks (edtech offers). Now testing different marketing approaches.

How can I help you

  • Startups. I can consult your startup and advice regarding go-to-market strategy, customer development, testing ideas, moving fast, establish a marketing strategy, finding investors, etc.
  • Digital Marketing. I have spent on digital marketing a few million dollars for all the time and can share advice regarding creating a marketing team from scratch, product analytics, and product management, how to communicate with customers, how to improve KPIs.
  • Main sectors: influencer marketing, paid social, community engagement and growth, social media, content marketing, product management.
  • Productivity and self-development. I have read hundreds of books, tested many techniques, habits, approaches, instructed thousands of people, so I can help to analyze your life, find goals, vision and mission, create a plan, improve and form habits.

Goals 2020🚩

  • Develop Dorfer Games to a new level
    – create 80 games per year;
    – create 5 hit games;
    – improve business process management.
  • Improve soft-skills
    – public speaking (3 conferences, meet-ups, etc.);
    – develop networking and add 50 new contacts to my network;
  • Develop a personal brand
    – 200 tweets, 1k followers on Twitter;
    – publish 50 articles on Medium;
    – earn 10k euro with marketing and startup consulting.
  • Fast-growing IT projects
    – test 4 MVPs with co-founders;
    – send an application to YC or 500startups with one of the projects.
  • Run a marathon
    – run a half-marathon in March in Limassol
    – run a marathon in November in Athens
  • Other goals
    – write and publish a book about the grandfather who died this year, translate it to English and Japanese language;
    – read 50 books (15 in English, 10 from the Le Monde List);
    – buy a car;
    – start a PPL (private pilot license) course and fly at least once;
    – travel less.


I’m just getting started developing my personal brand in an English speaking environment. You can find a few articles below:

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At the moment, I’m looking for a conferences, and where I can be a speaker. My key areas are influencer marketing, social media and community building, game development.

I’m going to be a speaker at TedX in Bishkek this November, I’ll update that information when there will be more information.

My Travels✈️

I enjoy traveling, and I’ve been to 66 countries so far. More and more, I try to learn and find something hidden, talk to locals, and understand the culture, not just visiting the capital and a few tourist places.